How can LTO (Limited Time Offerings) help your business?

August 1, 2018 by admin

Each Restaurant has its own share of downtime, competition and the desire to broaden its customer base. A total menu overall is costly and challenging, where swapping out a menu for something new could affect your base of business. An LTO is a great way to test the market, attract new guests, keep your menu fresh and exciting for existing customers.

With an LTO you can:

  • Appeal to a certain gender, region, ethnicity, income or other demographic
  • Add a new meal part that’s missing in your menu mix
  • Increase traffic and check averages during a new time of day or day of the week

The Trend and The Proof:

Scratch-made: Millenials more than any other generation say made-from-scratch menu items (45%) are important at family-restaurants

Authenticity: 29% of millenials are more likely to purchase and are willing to pay more for food that’s authentic

Global Fare: Millennials more than any other generation would like restaurants to offer more ethnic foods and beverages (39%)

One important thing when you’re creating your LTO menu is commodity pricing. Keep an eye on current commodity pricing on things like cheese and other kitchen staples that are key to both menu item all-stars and less popular dishes. If chicken is over-the-top on the current poultry markets, try another more reasonably priced protein. Or when avocados run short, consider using white beans, hearts of palm or artichokes for a creamy texture that doesn’t put a hole in your business account balance. Consult the commodities markets online yourself for inspiration, or call your distributor to review pricing, as well as alternatives for higher-priced ingredients.

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