Lack of personnel, pallets, and freight in all parts of the business continue to provide obstacles in the execution of the supply chain flow from harvest to shredding.


Last week, the soybean oil futures market was trending lower until Friday, when it lost nearly 300 points.
The increase in COVI was regarded by traders as a positive sign.


Butter prices increased week over week, despite output dropping.
Markets for natural cheese and mozzarella are falling, while markets for processed cheese are growing.


Despite a good harvest week, the beef supply chain remains constrained. The beef complex as a whole continued to exhibit increasing prices.


Harvest is still lagging behind usual seasonal averages. Product bone out continues to be a challenge for suppliers. Butts are still a good deal in retail and foodservice, therefore this market, especially boneless butts, is expected to be robust


Labor shortages persist across the business, but supply for many commodities is improving. Wings are becoming more readily available. Demand is projected to tighten as a result of the tightening. Tenders are very expensive. and are hard to come by. The market for breasts is booming on a positive upward trend demand.


Due to increased catches, the domestic shrimp supply has greatly improved in recent weeks.
Due to rising shipping costs, the price of imported cod, pollock, and haddock is increasing.