Mushrooms are in a dire state. High prices and limited availability continue to plague the industry. 


Soybean oil markets continue to move higher with poorer then expected crops in South America. Good demand and less available stocks are pushing Canola and Palm Markets Higher.  


Butter markets are down for the week while the cream and eggs markets are up due to continued bad weather across the country.


Packers are showing improved production. Winter storms in the Northeast and Midwest are hindering distribution. Ribs and tender demand are steady. Strips, butts and short loins are increasing in demand.


butts are gaining strength again. Loins are seeing an increased demand. Hams are coming down again but are expected to go back up with increased labor challenges.


Weather and COVID are affecting overall fresh chicken production. Tender availability is tightening and wings are more available in all sizes.


Congestion in ports has not improved, impacting seafood pricing and availability. Inflation persists in most seafood categories.