Mushrooms are in a dire state. High prices and limited availability continue to plague the industry. 


Soybean oil is moving higher along with canola due to tensions in the Black Sea region. There has been 15% increase in soybean oil since last month.


Continued bad weather is driving the cream and egg markets up causing a shift from retail to foodservice. Block, barrel and butters markets are down for the week.


Strips, loins and top butts are increasing in demand. Underperforming food service demand is causing tenders to slide. Packers are showing improved production. Transportation and foodservice demand continue to be volatile. Packers have noted that availability of cows is tighter than expected.


Hams are expected to go back up with increased labor shortages. Bellies continue an upward trend due to tightened availability. Strong buying has caused butts to gain strength.


Tender availability is tightening. Breasts continue to have a strong demand with tight supplies. Wings are more widespread with availability on all sizes.


The season is ending for mahi-mahi. The 2021/2022 catches are below average resulting in higher costs.