Mushrooms are in a dire state. High prices and limited availability continue to plague the industry. 


Soybean oil continues to move higher with volatility over the last week. . Soybean oil is moving higher along with canola due to tensions in the Black Sea region. There has been 15% increase in soybean oil since last month.


Continued bad weather across the country are driving cream and egg markets up. Butter, block and barrel markets are down for the week.


Larger supplies and lack-luster demand drove this week’s market to be under pressure. Outpacing demand are rib and tender availability. Overall market pressure could drive price lower.


Hams were sold off this week as exports to Mexico are down. Ribs are trading side ways but demand is steady. Butts are expected to remain stable.


Tenders were up while dark meat was flat. Wings should continue to be available. The breast market continues to be very strong. Whole birds were up as supply continues to tighten.


The Covid resurgence has made restaffing difficult in China. Record low harvest for Gulf Oysters. Oyster companies are scrambling to acquire raw materials to freeze for the half-shell market. Supplies will be tight in the coming months.