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EVERY TIME AN OPERATOR PURCHASES SOMETHING it generates a multitude of data points, including what they purchase, when they purchase, how much of it they purchase, who they purchase that item from and what they paid for it. The vast majority of operators do little or nothing with this data, if they collect it at all. That is a wasted opportunity to improve an operation’s purchasing, supply chain, forecasting and savings potential.

Clean Data: The Difference Between Success and Failure

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All that purchasing data can be combined and put to work on behalf of the operator. By creating a dashboard, operators can uncover a lot of information that can be used for contract negotiations, pricing calculations, inventory assessments, and overall business intelligence. The massive amount of data, that was once almost impossible to analyze, can now be cleaned, organized and integrated, leading to tremendous insights and predictive analytics.

Insights obtained from data can mean the difference between success and failure. Having access to all this data enables companies to increas operational efficiency and improve overall planning and financial opportunities. On a micro scale, data supports menu planning, efficiency of staff, and decreasing operational costs while increasing profits. On a macro scale, this data can help establishments determine where to expand their brand with the least risk and the greatest reward.

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