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When it comes to hygiene,
GP Pro means business.

Hygiene is no longer an option, it’s a responsibility. GP PRO provides support and guidance to help employers and facilities get confident, safe, and Hygiene Ready. It all starts with insights and knowledge. From there, we help you tailor solutions to meet the hygiene needs of your business.

Post Pandemic: New Study Reveals Top Concerns

 Especially now, hygiene and cleanliness are shaping patron perceptions. A recent study revealed a broad range of customer concerns, which operators may find useful in refining their hygiene focus. 


Give Your Restroom A Coordinated, More Professional Look
GP PRO coordinating toilet paper, paper towel, skin care and air care dispensers and refills create a more attractive, appealing restroom experience. The Touchless design helps improve hygiene.
Automated dispensers feature motionactivation, while our mechanical dispensers offer a no-touch hang mode.

One-at-a-Time Napkin Dispensing So Patrons Only Touch What They Need

GP Pro has Dixie Ultra Interfold Napkin Dispensers ready for your operation. 2 out of 3 customers say it’s important that their napkin not be touched by anyone else. One-at-a-time dispensing helps promote hygiene.

See GP Pro Products in Action

Take Control of Your Cutlery SmartStock® Tri-Tower Dispenser

Seldom can a new product help operators meet their most pressing
challenges: reducing cutlery waste, improving hygiene, streamlining employee tasks, and maximizing counter space. The SmartStock® Tri-Tower dispenser was designed with operational efficiency in mind. That’s exactly what you get from the industry leader in cutlery dispensing technology: game-changing performance that your patrons will appreciate.

An Innovated Take on Wrapped Cutlery

Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Wrapped Cutlery Dispensing System helps reduce cost, increase food safety and increase efficiency. 

The Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Series-W Wrapped Cutlery Dispenser offers an innovative take on wrapped cutlery. This trio of modular plastic utensil dispensers helps reduce cost, increase food safety and increase efficiency. Wrapped only at the critical end, the cutlery uses 60% less wrap than fully wrapped cutlery, reducing waste and cross-contamination.

Serious About Protecting Patrons? Ditch the Dirty-Water Open Bucket
Foodservice operators know too well the risks of exposing patrons to an unsanitary facility. Yet many still rely on the open-bucket method of “sanitizing” surfaces —repeatedly dipping a germ-ridden cloth back into dirty solution and moving to the next table. Just as troubling: Cloth towels in the open-bucket environment can lose proper sanitizing strength within 30 minutes. The Dixie Ultra™ Surface System changes everything. Welcome to a new era of surface sanitizing.