4 Ways Automation Can Help Your Operation Through The Labor Shortages

No matter what your operation, it has become nearly impossible to avoid the current labor shortage. Fortunately, there are ways to help alleviate the strain and kick things back into gear.

Technology plays one of the biggest roles in reducing the challenges of a labor shortage. Think of all the hours you spend manually running your operation. Think of all the hours you would get back by letting technology do the work for you.

With that being said, let’s look at four ways automation can make things easier on you and your staff by streamlining processes and reducing the cost of labor.

Spend Management

Managing your operational spend can be too much for one person to handle these days. It’s easy to overspend, or even underspend. How are you still managing this tedious task manually when you have numerous other things to get done on your list? Add in the current labor shortage you’re experiencing and you’re now not only struggling to take control over spend but  also stressing over a million other things too.

With the help of automation, you can stay organized, up-to-date, and in control of where and how your money is being used. No more printing out spreadsheets and going over every line item with your naked eye. By doing things manually, you open the door to potentially missing mistakes or saving opportunities. InsideTrack’s Spend Management tools help make your purchasing data highly accessible and effective.

InsideTrack processes a tremendous amount of your data every day. Whether it’s your invoice and pricing data or inventory levels and location spend details—Our spend management technology tracks it all for you.

We clean and organize your data into easy-to-read dashboards for you to gain knowledge into your procurement details, right at your fingertips.

Our technology helps streamline your purchasing so that you can save money, leverage your data, and direct your attention elsewhere. It also allows you to quickly identify any food cost issues within a specific category and period of time.

Automate your spend management today to save time, reduce costs, and gain insights into your foodservice and purchasing operations.

Contract Management

There are not enough hours in the day, especially when your operation is short staffed among many other challenges. Besides managing your spend, contract management is an on-going, tedious task. It’s extremely crucial to stay efficient when managing your contracts but sometimes, human error is just inevitable – especially if you’re managing contracts manually I mean, who has the time to go line item by line item and audit every contract? You definitely don’t and neither does your busy staff.

Thankfully, when you automate your contract management, you reduce the risk for error immensely.

InsideTrack saves you time and money by auditing your invoices to ensure you’re paying the correct prices on each item you purchase. With pre-auditing and post-auditing technology, you receive more accuracy, improved operational efficiency, and future compliance for all your contracts.

Our Contract Management Technology helps you negotiate direct contracts, implement them into distribution, and monitor the compliance. It also conducts purchase order vs usage analyses, researches and executes RFPs, and reviews contract impact analyses.

Managing your contracts has never been easier. With the help of automation and technology, you can lead your efforts into other areas of your operation that don’t require the use of tech.

Inventory Management

Calculating your inventory by hand is so old-school. If you’re automating your spend management and contract management, you might as well automate inventory too.

InsideTrack will automatically track your in-house inventory levels for you so that you don’t have to at the end of each month or quarter. This makes it easier to conduct accurate forecasting, it prevents any food gone to waste and solves for any issues you may come across.

With systems that monitor your inventory and par levels, you’ll never have to stress about re-ordering or re-stocking items again. Our technology will alert both you and your distributors when you’re running low on stock.

Aside from inventory management, our technology also helps you with recipe costing. This enables your chefs to build their recipes directly into the software, which means accurately calculated costs on each menu dish! How neat.

And don’t worry about fluctuating costs—your numbers will automatically adjust through our software, which will help you through accurate pricing, forecasting, waste, labor, and yield. This means you’ll be able to proactively identify the ingredients that are driving your costs up across your menu items.

Managing your inventory through technology helps put time back into your day. InsideTrack’s Inventory Management tools are the key to helping your operation through a labor shortage.

Awareness of Market Prices

We all know how important it is to be aware of market prices these days. With the unpredictable status of the supply chain and effect of inflation, you need to stay up to date with pricing. But when you’re understaffed and struggling to take care of both back-of-house and front-of-house operations, sometimes, you put things on the back burner.

But now, you can scratch “research commodity prices and supply costs” off your to-do list. InsideTrack’s technology monitors market prices for you so that you can save both money and time.

We want you to be aware of what’s going on in the industry’s market each and every day. It’s one more thing we can take off your plate to take the edge off and help you through the current labor crisis.

If costs are going up and you’re not raising your prices, you’re bound to put yourself in a difficult situation to make ends meet. You need to be up to date with prices in order to make some innovations on your menus, whether that’s raising your prices, substituting an item, or eliminating a dish off the menu completely.

Automating this process will be the only efficient way to get ahead in this unforeseeable market.

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InsideTrack offers automated services that can help your operation through the labor shortage.

With spend, contract, and inventory management tools to help reduce labor and costs and capture awareness of market prices, our software is suited to accommodate all your operational needs.

Our experts at InsideTrack are more than capable of creating a purchasing and spend intelligence solution that works specifically for you to gain savings and insights into your operation.

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