Contract and Rebate Management

Take the labor out of your contract and rebate process

Offload your direct rebate filing to InsideTrack – the burden is no longer yours!

Contract Management

We get you to the finish line so you can focus on strategy.

Digital Filing Cabinet

Organize and easily access all your manufacturer and distributor contracts in one place.

Coverage and Compliance Analytics

InsideTrack continuously analyzes contracts to quickly identify the impact of coverage that needs attention.

Contract Admin

We seek contract renewals from manufacturers and quantify impact so you can make informed decisions.

Rebate Filing

Focus on negotiating not admin.

Clean Data Means More Rebates

InsideTrack has your invoice data, so we can easily get all of your rebates filed and maximize item coverage.

Timely Turnaround

We make sure your rebates are paid promptly and allocated by location.

Trusted… and Verified

Rebate payments are tracked back to cost centers for accurate food cost reporting.

“The value I am getting out of InsideTrack is the understanding of the purchasing department, the understanding of MDA’s, saving money, and streamlining our products.

Todd Bennet, The Briar Group

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