Get On Track with the New InsideTrack Dashboard

You’re probably thinking “How can the InsideTrack dashboard get any better than it already is?”. Well get ready, because we are about to blow your mind.

Having the ability to customize your InsideTrack dashboard is helpful when you have so much information to keep track of. The supply chain is convoluted and the amount of information your operation must track can be overwhelming.

What if we said you could manage your inventory, contracts, rebates and more all in one place using a new customized dashboard? Everything summarized in one single location. Inventory alerts, RFP’s, Market Pricing Trends, Contract Renewals, Rebate Management, and more.

Taking all that information and summarizing it in a user-friendly dashboard ensures you stay organized and gives you the ability to take all that good clean data and put it to work.

Here are some questions and answers we received during our exclusive sneak peak of the new InsideTrack dashboard:

When will this new dashboard be made available? We are hoping to release the first version of the new InsideTrack dashboard in early September 2021.

Can alerts be summarized or displayed in the dashboard view? Yes!

How frequently are the dashboard tiles updated? As the data updates, the tiles up date. Our data is real-time data.

Here is an exclusive sneak peak at the new InsideTrack Dashboard and features your operation can take advantage of as a InsideTrack member.

As a reminder, we love feedback on any suggested features or modules that our members want added so feel free to contact us with your requests!




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